A First-Hand Account Of The Aftermath Of Haiyan

wpid-images.jpegMany of my regular readers will know that I think Avicenna is a great writer. I’ve linked to A Million Gods on several occasions, and I think Avi often brings a very interesting and unique perspective to things. Today, though, he posted a fanastic first-hand account of what is facing the people of the Philippines, and it’s absolutely worth reading. I found it especially interesting having “suffered” through this city’s “massive flood” this past summer.

Reading about this gives me a weird mix of both happiness that we are so insulated from what an actual disaster is, and disgust at our self-congratulations and total lack of understanding. Yeah, it was a bad flood, and there were people who lost everything; I’m not taking away from that one bit. But, the world over, there are very real disasters that should put our flood into perspective. Partially, it is our location, and partially it is our wealth that helps these disasters bounce off us like raisins of an Oldsmobile.

Not everyone is so lucky. And as a genuine hypocrite, I’m going to suggest you consider donating to a cause that I cannot donate to. I barely scrape through each month, going further and further into debt just to keep the lights on. There just ain’t enough money to cover my month, let alone be a useful and worthwhile part of a global culture who helps out when the opportunity presents itself. But if you happen to be one of those who has a couple of bucks to scrape together, I would ask you to consider making a one-time donation to Medecins Sans Frontieres to help with their work in the Philippines.

Hell, if you donate $50 or more, I’ll sing Nancy Sinatra songs at your birthday. That way, I can pretend that I’m helping too.


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