I CAN HAZE LOLZ: Welfare Is Unbiblical

wstateI was just reading Ed Brayton’s blog while waiting for a giant application to install, and I saw this article and nearly peed my pants. Larry Pratt, who runs some gun nut organization, went on the record to say that welfare is against the Bible. It’s a big deal to him, y’know, because the government is creating dependents, and those people just keep on voting for hippie liberals who do things like take guns out of the hands of children, which is GOD DAMNED UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Blessed are the bullet-sprayers and all that.

He says the Bible clearly puts personal responsibility at the forefront. In a sense, he’s correct. The Bible doesn’t ever say that governments should take care of people. In truth, I don’t imagine that in the time of Christ, the notion of a government looking after its people would have made much sense. The government was a generally ruthless and tyrannical thing. Me, I can’t help but think of King David or King Solomon as characters who might well have taken care of their subjects, but I’d be willing to give that a pass for the general statement that the rulers in the Bible tend to be cut from the same cloth.

Instead of it being the government that would look after the people, it was left to the people and to God. I’m not sure why Pratt doesn’t see things like God providing Mana to the Jews as a sign that the overseers are supposed to be helpful, and I would be curious to ask his opinion on the notion that God was somehow turning the Jews into dependents by feeding them during their trials in the desert. Ignoring that, though, Pratt is arguing that this idea that support should come from the church and the community is How It’s S’posed To Be Gal Durnit.

For me, I’ve always thought that believers wanted the government, particularly the US government, to be something that would reflect the country’s supposed Christian heritage. They also explain that the Bible pretty much says all manner of fluffy, wonderful things about doing good things and being smart and helping out your fellow man. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that a caring government then be kind of a good thing to him?

And on that note, how is it that if something isn’t directly referenced in the Bible, that makes it bad? If that is the case, here are some other things that are unbiblical and therefore things we should strive against:

– guns
– airplanes
– capitalism
– petroleum-based power
– smurfs (okay, I’ll give you that one)
– native americans
– wombats

I believe that Christ’s message, or at least the message most people take from the Bible about loving thy neighbor and whatnot, would gel nicely with a nation that takes care of its sick, aging, and unlucky. Christ did all the healing and feeding people on his own, sure, but that to me is more of an indictment of the system he was living under than an expression of the proper role of government.

Seems to me like this guy Pratt’s just not a very nice man.

{As an aside, when I went to spell check this post, the word Mana was listed as incorrect. It offered no valid substitutions, so the word may be spelled incorrectly. However, it did suggest that God gave Manga to the Jews.}


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One thought on “I CAN HAZE LOLZ: Welfare Is Unbiblical

  1. Sounds like the guy needs to go back and read the book of Ruth. It exemplifies something that is outlined in the books of the law (Biblical Law isn’t just the 10 Commandments, as most people believe). Jewish business men and land owners were required under law to provide for the less fortunate. In the cases of farm owners, that meant they had to open their fields after the primary harvest for the less fortunate to come in and glean anything that was dropped. As Isreal was a theocracy at the time, the Laws of Moses, were the Laws of the Land.p.s. Manna :-)

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