An Artistic Challenge! For Artists! Even The Crappy Ones!

I just had me a good old fashioned giggle. I read this post on PZ Myers’ blog, Pharyngula. It presents a representation of the geological timescale as fubbled with to fit the timeline of Young Earth Creationists, those people who think the world is 6000 years old. Whomever did this definitely made my day.

PZ then commented about how the Revolutionary War, at least according to this chart, happened during the Jurassic period. I was flooded with images of battlefields fought by North and South sitting atop Allosaurs (is that the proper plural for Allosaurus?). And I had me an idea.

Now, I’m not visual artist. Those who have seen my play music would probably argue that I’m no musical artist either. But I know some artists. Some of my blog readers are artists, and maybe some of my blog readers know artists who would be interested in doing this. I am asking those visual artists amongst you (professional, amateur, or crappy) to join me in a silly project. Choose any great moment in history, consult the chart to determine which period it would have taken place in, and do your best to visually commemorate this with appropriate dinosaurs.¬†You can sketch it, paint it, computerize it, whatever you want. I just want to see the results, and I’ll post the results on the blog here, with an optional bio and contact stuff.

I’ll go first. Being a Canadian, I have chosen the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, a really very important moment in the birth of our nation. I am at best a Photoshopper, so I will use my incredible cut-and-paste skills to attempt to capture the scene.

So that’s what I got. That’s my skillz. Do you got skillz? Email me your creations at


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