Toews Gets Trashed

Vic Toews likes to think that our information should be no big deal. I guess I’m curious to know his reaction to experiencing the same…

Is this right? Nope. But Anonymous isn’t trying to be right here, they’re trying to do right, and if I’ve learned anything, it’s that the two are often not the same thing.

In its own way, Bills C-30 and C-11 are reminiscent of the Superhuman Registration Act of Marvel Comics’ Civil War series. Unlawfully amassing and accessing the kind of information that these bills would allow means a harsh violation of our freedom and our rights, and this supposedly Conservative government will not get away with spying on the civilian population.

I want nothing more than for this thought to spread, and for the people who lead my country to once again be the people who live in it, and not the trolls we foolishly elected who feel they can trample our rights when the mood suits them.


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2 thoughts on “Toews Gets Trashed

  1. I had already read that, and was quite happy with what you wrote. And as I said, it isn’t right. But I’m still gonna cheer for them.

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