Why We Don’t Celebrate Ashura In Schools

What the bloody blue fuck is wrong with some people? I had never heard of the celebration of Ashura, but I saw a post on Maryam Namazie’s blog about it and was treated to one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen. She included this link to photos of the event, and it’s stomach-turning.

The Day of Ashura remembers the death of Husayn ibn Ali, who was grandbaby of Muhammad. I guess Husayn was the third Imam, at least if you’re a Shi’a Muslim. Fine, remember his death, but THIS? If you want to see a few of the reasons why, taken from that above photos link, along with my comments, continue after the fold. But it’s yucky.

Okay, so here we have a picture. Yay! We’re having a religious celebration! Woohoo! Hey, is that guy bleeding?

Okay, that’s a little bit creepy. Those men, they’ve got … like… Wolverine claws, but on chains. What the…

So let me get this straight… They’re ALL doing it? This is how they celebrate Ashura? What in the blue hell???

But I guess… I mean… This guy looks pretty happy…

And this kid’s totally enjoying his freshly-ventilated back…

And these kids? Hell, they’re having the time of their lives!

Golly, it really is a religion of peace…


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