Lest We Forget The Other 49% (Cuz Mitt Sure Hasn’t)

Okay, I admit that there is no mathematical basis for the number 49 in the title of this post. I am referring to the American Republicans and Canadian Conservatives who are not a part of the 1%. Now, from what I understand, the US is a fairly even split, and Canada probably is too, although it’s hard to see that living in Alberta, the home of Big Oil and ultraconservatism. I made up the number assuming that we were absolutely deadlocked between left and right, and that the top 1% were almost exclusively Conservative/Republican. That would mean that the 99% were slightly more left-leaning than right-leaning, but I know that’s a bullshit number.

Not the point.

The point is that there seems to me to be a hell of a lot of right leaning people in the bottom 99%. Personally, I lean more to the left on social issues and more to the right on economic issues, but I would describe myself as primarily centrist. I’ve always felt that wisdom can come from both sides of an argument, and the right path may not be the ideologically obvious one. But no matter what the real number is, there are a lot of people on the right who are not on the receiving end of that 1%.

I keep hearing that The Republicans want this and that and the other thing, all references to what that top 1% want, but they don’t speak for all of the right, do they? I think it’s easy to forget that the 1% do not speak for anyone but the 1%.

I’m not saying that everyone in the 99% is angry. On both sides of the left/right line are people who think the whole Occupy movement is stupid. But a huge number of people do care, and a much larger proportion could care.

I posted a video on Facebook earlier today of Mitt Romney flip flopping his Occupy Wall Street stance, and saying that he totally understood and sympathized with them. Of course, he does not. He can’t. The life that he has lived is so far removed from the common man as to nearly make him a different species. But he wants to.

Well, he wants to give that impression. Mitt figured out something that the others haven’t got yet. The Tea Party isn’t going to get your ass to the White House. And I think it’s fair to say they’re definitely not going to do it if you’re a Mormon. Mitt has to start appealing to a different base, and that base is the 49%, or whatever that number really is, who want things to be better.

We cannot assume that the 49% are suddenly going to shift to the left simply because of the events of the past few weeks. That’s just not going to happen. Most of those people will probably be as fiercely pro-Conservative as their leftist counterparts are pro-Liberal. And our elected officials across the board are the ones who are guilty of all that has been done to ruin the economy. What we need is for as many as possible of the 49% to say to Mitt and all of those who come to curry favor with them the same thing that as many as possible of the 50% say to the liberals who come a-courting: Put up or shut up.

You can have our votes. I will gladly vote for anyone who agrees to the demands laid down by the protesters and promises (not one of those shallow campaign promises nobody expects you to keep) to enact the necessary, sweeping changes, and to restore the economy to where it ought to be. That doesn’t mean empty words like “We are going to get jobs back!”, but actual plans on how to make that happen. If you want to represent the 99%, or even half of them, then you had best be taking what they say to heart.

Oh, and in case you are wondering what these demands of the Occupy Wall Street or Occupy {your town here} protests are based around, you might want to read this article by Stephanie Zvan which totally explains it. Cuz, y’know, the media don’t seem to be quick to explain…

A series of massive disservices has been done to the people in the West by their elected officials, and the people are tired of it. We don’t want Michelle Bachmann. We don’t want Newt Gingrich. We want a leader who is prepared to do what is right for the people, to take a hard stand against their enemies, and do all in their power to create a better tomorrow. It’s frustrating that we have to remind them.

Start talking about these things. I don’t care what side of the political spectrum you land on, start spreading the word that things have got to change for the better for the good of everyone. We can’t accept more bad leadership, it’s destroying our economies and our lives. And don’t forget those people who normally you wouldn’t think of as your allies. All of us bungled and botched have a common interest in a better life, so don’t forget the other guys.


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