No True Colors

The GOP candidates in the debate showed their true colors on Friday; they have none. The Tea Party and its right wing rhetoric have such a stranglehold on the American Republican Party that it appears the only way to get anywhere as a Conservative American is to either be an idiot or a liar. Sort of puts George W. Bush into perspective, doesn’t it?

When asked if to raise their hands if they would outright reject a fiscal policy that required a ten to one compromise between spending cuts (the 10) and tax increases (the 1), all eight candidates raised their hands. Yet they all preach fiscal responsibility and the dogma of the balanced budget. There is an excellent commentary on this on Dispatches From The Culture Wars.

The ultra-rich of course would love this kind of policy. You need to balance the budget, so you just kill every shred of social spending. It’ll ruin literally millions of lives, but none that you know personally, so it all works out. Oddly, these are the same people who believe deeply in a fair and loving God who cares for all His children equally.

Any sane Republican must surely see through this disgusting display, but something tells me that the point will be purposely missed. Like it or not, these candidates are giving the Republicans what the vast majority if them want, even if it’s only on paper.


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