Treat Me Like Crap

From time to time, people complain to me about things. Often, it’s about someone surprising them with bad behavior or a politician saying one thing and doing another, those moments when you actually see the person for who and what they really are. Me, I’m grateful for those moments, and I’d like to tell you why.

When people treat me like crap, whether that is lying to me, screwing around on me, or goodness only knows what, they are tipping their hand. That’s an interesting phrase, and it comes from the world of gambling. If you aren’t paying attention and you tip your hand, I can see some or all of your cards, which means I am no longer having to guess what cards you have and what hand you are probably hoping to get.

When you glimpse the truth about a person, it allows you the opportunity to properly assess them. This is true of friends, coworkers, politicians, and everyone else. But some people will always be better at others at hiding their true selves just as some people will see no benefit to bothering hiding it.

It’s an even bigger treat when someone in the public eye tips their hand, like Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin did recently. I say allegedly because I honestly did not see the post that PZ Myers is commenting on from the Buffalo Beast web site. When I have attempted to read the post, I get a 404 error. However, there is a link to the conversation on youtube for your perusal. So it is entirely possible that I am wrong about this, I am merely taking the allegation of PZ Myers as writ, a stance I have no problem taking given that I have found PZ to be a very reliable source.

So Scott Walker thought he was talking to a high ranking Republican, and talked at great length about how he was manipulating the people, h0w little he respects his Democrat colleagues, and how essentially the will of the people means nothing to him. This is great news. All the public relations moments, all the well-practiced campaign speeches, and all the public service messages mean nothing; you want to know what Scott Walker really thinks, just watch the video and learn. If you were a Wisconsin voter, you couldn’t ask for a better means of assessing the man.

So please, treat me like crap. At least when you do, I get the chance to see the real you.


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